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Atlas (French only)

Atlas (French only)

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Pattern in PDF format only, to be printed at home on a conventional printer.

Atlas is a high-waisted panty, but with a high leg opening and a high cut on the buttocks. It's not a thong, but almost! It's a very comfortable fit but also very flattering, because why should one choose between the two? 

This model is available in several versions, and several finishes are offered for the elastic finishes:

- Version A is the classic version, without cutouts. This is the easiest (and quickest) to make. It is quite accessible to beginners in lingerie sewing.

- The B version  is identical to version A on the front, but the back has a nicely rounded opening, connected by an adjustable strap. The opening is placed just high enough to reveal the lower back, but not lower ;-) Since there are more details on this model, it is a little more technical than version A, but nothing too rocket science. 

- The C version: Here, the side seams have been shifted to the front. This allows you to play on the contrasts of colors, transparencies, patterns... This model is just as easy to make as version A.

- Version D:  This is version C mixed with version B, i.e. with a rounded opening at the back, connected by an adjustable strap. This version is a little more technical than version A or version C. 

- The version : My favorite and cutest version with its three rows of gathered ruffles that go all the way around the panties and are caught in the front seams. This version is a little more technical than the others because the gathered ruffles require a little more patience and skill, but the result is well worth it ;-)

- Elastic finishes: Depending on the version chosen, different types of elastic finishes are offered to border the waist and leg opening. You can choose between elastic with picot, pre-folded elastic (elastic bias) or stretch lace braids. In short, between the different versions + the different finishes, you have plenty to have fun with and compose panties that suit you.

The pattern is margins included. It includes very detailed instructions, recommended settings for your sewing machine, sewing tips and more.


Le guide des des tailles est consultable dans la galerie d'images

Fichiers disponibles

Le patron comprend :

Le livret d'instructions très détaillé avec des nombreux schémas et conseils de couture ;

Le patron au format A4 / letter

Le patron au format A0

Un guide d'impression pour imprimer uniquement la taille et le modèle dont vous avez besoin

Tous les fichiers sont en PDF uniquement.

Matériel et fournitures

Consultez la galerie d'images pour une liste détaillée des fournitures et du nécessaires pour ce modèle

Informations utiles

Les mesures sont indiquées en cm / mm. Les marges de coutures sont incluses dans le patron.

Le patron est réservé à un usage personnel.

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