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Solstice, the one-piece swimsuit (french only)

Solstice, the one-piece swimsuit (french only)

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Solstice is a one or two piece swimsuit pattern. Featuring a sweetheart neckline and an almond-shaped opening in the back, the one-piece version is slightly indented on the hips. The front is fully lined. The two-piece version has a bandeau sweetheart neckline, accompanied by semi-high-waisted briefs with a high-cut leg.

  • For the one-piece version, a bust dart helps shape the bust. The sweetheart neckline and the legs are finished with a folded elastic; a bikini clasp is sewn in the back.
  • For the two-piece version, the top is edged with a finishing band on horseback (collage) and the bottoms with a folded laminette. You can make the top with or without a foam shell, with or without reinforcing whales on the sides.

Solstice is available in two size ranges, both included in the pattern:

  • A range from 32 to 46
  • A range from 46 to 56

Size 46 is present on both size ranges to allow you to make your adjustments, if you are between two sizes. Everything is explained in the booklet ;-) The size 2 range (from 46 or 56) is designed to suit a more developed chest and sale; the back is wider to provide better support.

Step-by-step assembly video

To help you take the plunge, an assembly video tutorial is available here:

You will learn how to adjust your sewing machine, sew elastics correctly, the correct hand position for sewing stretch fabrics, etc.

The optional paper pattern!

After thinking a lot about publishing patterns in paper format or not, I decided to keep the PDF format. However, you can also buy the pattern in paper format, printed at real size on an A0 sheet. If you choose this option, you will receive:

  • The pattern printed at real size, by mail.
  • The pattern in PDF format, in A4 to print at home, immediately after your order, by email.
  • The instruction booklet in PDF format only, immediately after ordering, by email. 

Kits <3

Did you fall for the print? Not sure where to find your supplies? You can now buy the Solstice kit which includes everything you need to sew your swimsuit. If you already have your favorite fabric, supply-only kits are also available for purchase (available on 04/07/2022)

The pattern is margins included. It includes very detailed instructions, recommended settings for your sewing machine, sewing tips and more.


Le guide des des tailles est consultable dans la galerie d'images

Fichiers disponibles

Le patron comprend :

Le livret d'instructions très détaillé avec des nombreux schémas et conseils de couture ;

Le patron au format A4 / letter

Le patron au format A0

Un guide d'impression pour imprimer uniquement la taille et le modèle dont vous avez besoin

Tous les fichiers sont en PDF uniquement.

Matériel et fournitures

Consultez la galerie d'images pour une liste détaillée des fournitures et du nécessaires pour ce modèle

Informations utiles

Les mesures sont indiquées en cm / mm. Les marges de coutures sont incluses dans le patron.

Le patron est réservé à un usage personnel.

Notez que vous pouvez commander depuis un
smartphone, une tablette ou un ordinateur ; cependant le téléchargement
du patron n'est possible que depuis un ordinateur .

Téléchargement immédiat.

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